Meet Gary

Gary is the lead singer and lead guitarist for County Line. His musical journey began at age 9 while riding along with his dad to their family camp. There was a song playing on the radio, he started singing along and the rest is history! Gary enjoys spending time with his Twin Boys and Two Daughters! Gary has an extensive guitar collection. The equipment Gary prefers is his Custom Built Signature J&B Customs Tele-Style as well as his Gibson Les Paul Robot Series In Manhattan Blue. He uses a Line 6 M16 module for all of the effects you hear at the shows, played through an Egnater Tweaker 40 amplifier. Some of the biggest influences in his musical career have been Alabama, Jason Aldean, and Luke Bryan.

BMI Artist, Gary Burk III


Bob Mead

Bob was raised in Falconer, NY, and grew up playing the cello and the guitar. He studied music theory, competed, and won many medals for his cello playing. He also played in high school with a local band as a rhythm guitar player. Bob enlisted in the United States Air Force after high school at the age of 17. He served over half of his 20 years overseas. Due to military commitments, he had little time to devote to any one band; although, he continued to play guitar on his own and occasionally with other military members. Bob can be seen at County Line shows playing rhythm guitar and mandolin. He plays both the 6-string and the 12-string acoustic guitar, 6-string banjo, 6-string electric guitar, and 8-string mandolin. He also sings backup vocals.

Tim Morabito

Tim was raised in the Butler area here in Pennsylvania. He started playing drums and performing in clubs with Top 40 bands as a teenager in the 70’s. He has worked with Classic Rock, Disco and Contemporary Dance bands through the years. He has now been performing for over 43 years in the western Pennsylvania area. He has been part of opening acts for both national and regional recording artist. His love for music and getting people on the dance floor is a great passion for him. Some of the local bands he has worked with include; Past Midnight, Street Fair, City Limits, High Risk, Happy Ending, Mad-Hatter, Extremely Loaded and Southbound Station . Tim has multiple drum kit set-ups to choose from. They include a vintage 1976 Rogers drum kit, a complete Tama drum kit. Also several electronic drum sets Roland, Simmons, Alesis and KAT.

Ange Giavedoni

Ange has been a member of the Punxsy area music scene for too long! Dating back to the early 70's with one of the premier local bands called Thumbs Up through the 80's amd 90's lastly with the best Metal Band in the Area called Last Chance or just "Chance". He has played on stage with many top flight Pittsburgh Musicians from Donnie Iris, Joe Greshecky, B E Taylor, Chuck Moses and a host of others. The bands he has played with garnered many local awards and drew some of the largest crowds this area has seen. The 2000's have seen many new changes for this player as he has switched from 6 to 4 strings and played in a Regional Band called Off the Wall! Still when he has time, you'll still find him at his studio working on a new Modern Country tune.



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